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One of the biggest sellers up to date is laminate flooring due to its superior scratch resistance to pets and children. Laminate is 3x more scratch resistant than hardwood and bamboo. When installing laminate, the most important things to look out for are proper expansion around the perimeter of the floor, proper moisture readings and proper subfloor leveling. Our employees will thoroughly check and make sure all subfloors are within manufacturer specs before continuing the installing, ensuring your floor holds its warranty and will last you as long as possible.
Hardwood Floors are definitely one of the most beautiful upscale floors on the market. As far as Installation, we highly recommend you don’t have a big family of kids or large pets because it will scratch easier than laminate floors. When installing Hardwood floors, the most important things to look out for are proper expansion around the perimeter of the floor, proper moisture readings and proper subfloor leveling. Our employees will thoroughly check and make sure all subfloors are within manufacturer specs before continuing the installing, ensuring your floor holds its warranty and will last you as long as possible.
Vinyl plank is becoming very popular due to it being 100% waterproof. This is drawing a lot of attention from customers who have kids, pets who may go to the bathroom indoors, or even rental properties. The most important thing to look for when picking out a vinyl plank is to make sure your box of Vinyl plank says anti transparency on it. The top selling brand is Coretec. If your Vinyl plank is under 4mm and doesn’t say anti transparency, it has a tendency to show every little imperfection of the subfloor.
Leveling the subfloor is one of the number one things our company takes a lot of pride in. leveling a subfloor can be very labor intensive and takes a long time to get down to a science. Once we check the subfloor for any high spots or low spots, our company uses top of the line equipment to grind down high spots VIRTUALLY DUSTLESS. We also fill in low spots with a self leveling compound to ensure the subfloor is within manufacturer specs.

Many flooring installers do not level subfloors at all, and the ones that attempt it usually blow dust through your whole house. If you do not properly level a subfloor before installing any kind of wood/laminate/vinyl plank, your floor is almost guaranteed to have issues down the road where the boards will actually separate due to the tracks breaking. I can count on one hand the number of installers in the county who can do this and we are one of them.
Tile is one of the top sellers up to date. Customers Install this due to the high durability which if it was installed properly, you should never have a problem in the lifetime of the home. The biggest thing to look out for when installing tile is high moisture in the subfloor, proper subfloor leveling and proper thinset coverage on the tile. Occasionally your subfloor will have stress cracks going through them in which you must roll down an anti fracture membrane prior to installation to ensure your tile doesn’t crack over time along that crack. Our company offers top of the line quality when it comes to installing tile due to our special tile laying system we use.
Backsplashes are a must in every kitchen, and will change the look of the whole place for a very affordable price. Using the right Mastic, an average sized kitchen backsplash can typically be completely finished within one day. Depending on your counter (which you always will want to be installed first) the most common back splashes are glass and stone.
Our company uses top of the line tools that can connect directly to our heavy duty dust containment system for the most dustless tile removal possible in Horry County. Most Installers will rip the tile up and pour some leveling compound over the thinset to make their task easy but cause height issues when laying your next floor. We hookup to big grinders and will grind off all the thinset to bring everything down to bare concrete so your new floor will flow continuously with no issues.
Custom tile showers are one of the remodels we take the most pride in. Making a shower plumb and square while keeping everything level and maintaining no lippage definitely takes some true talent; it’s more of an art. The thing we like the most is not 1 shower is ever the same. You rarely ever see a basic tile shower. You can add niches, soap dishes, a leg shaving step, benches, grab bars, water jets, rain heads, glass, knee walls, walk ins, etc. The sky is the limit. The most important part about a tile shower is the contractor you chose. Water is your worst nightmare if it leaks, so we highly recommend choosing an installer who has been trained in properly waterproofing showers. A shower that’s not installed properly can result in an expensive bill. Not only can you have severe water damage, you can have black mold start growing as well. Don’t spend all that money on a nice shower, just to have all that damage and have to gut the whole project. Do your homework. We are stage 1 and 2 certified by Schluter to install waterproof showers. Using their products, you can register your new shower right on the Schluter website and they will give you a lifetime warranty on the shower materials.

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Owner / Installer
Jacob White

Jacob White / Owner

Get Floored is one of the fastest up and coming Flooring Installation companies in Horry County. Not only do we provide the highest quality craftsmanship, but our prices are very affordable. We integrate top of the line vacuum systems into our everyday install to keep your residence virtually dustless. Our guys are very professional, well trained, honest and respectful. We take pride in showing up on time and leaving the job with a completely satisfied customer 100% of the time.

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Do I need to buy my own materials?

Yes. Get Floored is an install only company. We will provide you with a material list and you are responsible for picking up everything on that list. We do not have a wholesale distribution storefront and do not supply your flooring. Maybe in the future when we expand, but most hard surface materials need to acclimate to room temperature before the install and we do not have the time to be delivering materials most of the time.

Are you insured?

Yes, We are licensed, Insured, bonded and have our SC specialty license.

Do you do price matching?

No. There are many installers in this area that bid the jobs extremely low because they aren’t licensed, insured or bonded and their quality isn’t the greatest. We are very reputable and have fantastic reviews, show up on time and make customer satisfaction a top priority. If the price isn’t in your budget, we can come up with some little tasks the homeowners can do to save some money. Just ask!

I have a foreclosure I am closing on. How long must I wait before the install?

Once you get the power back on, the house temperature must be between 65-80 degrees and the material must sit within the home at that temperature for 3 days.

The previous owner had some pets that went to the bathroom all over our carpets, will the new floor mask the smell?

Depending on the material. If you are installing a Vinyl Plank, laminate or hardwood, we definitely recommend that you rip up the carpets and tack strips prior to our install and roll the subfloor with a few layers of kilz to block the odor. If you are Installing tile, the thinset from the tile has a natural odor eliminator within it and you will no longer smell the pee. DO NOT Kilz a floor prior to a tile install because the thinset will not properly bond due to it being a “stain blocker”. It has water repellant characteristics and we will have to charge you to sand it all off. Yes, its happened before.

Can you lay tile over sheet vinyl?

In some cases you can. Removing the vinyl is the best bet 97% of the time. If it’s a very well bonded full spread sheet vinyl with at least 1 1/4” subfloor underneath it, you can sand the top down to increase its bond. Make sure all oils are cleaned very good prior to install. The sheet vinyl will actually play as an anti fracture membrane and protect the tile from any stress cracks from underneath. If it’s a perimeter spread sheet vinyl or the edges are peeling up around the room, it’s recommended to remove the vinyl. Address any high spots or low spots, anti fracture over your cracks and start the install.

Can I install Laminate in a bathroom or kitchen?

That’s your call. We do not recommend it. Moisture is a laminates biggest nightmare, and if one appliance leaks or if you even drop an ice cube in a kitchen and you don’t catch it, it can melt and make your floor swell up at the seams. I would definitely recommend having a plumber inspect all appliances prior to the install.

Do you install carpet?

We do not, however we keep in contact with some awesome carpet installers in the Myrtle Beach area that we can recommend.


What a beautiful job! I could not ask for more. I got ALL of my questions answered about the materials, cleanup and maintinance of my floor. Great Job guys!
Sherise Jakell

Excellent overall! Jacob was professional, timely, and affordable! I would without a doubt use him again and recommend him to anyone!
Doug Henderson

Jacob's work is beyond professional. His rates are reasonable, he's efficient and shows up when he says he's going to show up. What makes him really stand out is his precision and attention to detail. Where others might cover up flaws and errors with a tube of caulk, Jacob won't settle for less than just right. Proof of that is the quarter moulding he installed. Even the tiniest pieces are perfectly measured and installed. I have more flooring and tile work coming up and Get Floored will be the business I turn to.
Kevin Pontiff

I had 3 people come in and give me quotes. Believe it or not Jacob was the only one that came in and measured everything gave me a supplies list needed and a written estimate.Jacob gave a fair price, showed up early and completed the job when he said he would. He did a wonderful job on our condo flooring. He really is a nice young man and does quality work. I believe he went over what could normally be expected. I would recommend him to anyone.
Rick Giles

Jacob is A-MA-ZING! He is punctual, proffesional, and priced right. He laid down about 600sq ft of strand bamboo flooring and it looks beautiful. I would recommend Jacob to anyone looking for laminate, hardwoods, or back splashes. His work is impeccable and he is extremely detailed oriented. If you want it done right, call Jacob!
Jennifer Hall

Jacob knows his stuff. If you've got a question, he's got an answer. If you need input, he's got a recommendation. I will not hesitate to use "Get Floored" again, which I plan on doing. Great job Jacob, thank you.
William S. Snipes

Jacob did a wounderfull job on my porch in Murrells Inlets. He is a very reliable man and everybody should take him for an accurate and awesome job.
Louise Lemay

Jacob installed laminate in my living room and all three bedrooms of my newly renovated Little River house - 1100 sq ft total of my 1600 sq ft home! His prices were very reasonable, he always showed up on time, he was fast/efficient, had zero waste (which saves money) and you'd be crazy to use anyone else! Will definitely be hiring Jacob for more work in the future.
Lori Wingfield

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