Cute Christmas living room ready for the holidays in Myrtle Beach, CA

As the holiday season beckons in Myrtle Beach, it’s time to think about getting your home, especially your hard surface floors, ready for the festivities. At Get Floored, we believe that your floors are a crucial part of your holiday home décor. Let us guide you through the best practices to ensure your floors are as inviting and festive as the rest of your home.

Evaluating Your Flooring for the Holiday Season

Start your holiday preparations by assessing the current state of your flooring. Myrtle Beach’s coastal climate can be tough on flooring materials. Check for signs of humidity damage, wear, or scratches, particularly in high-traffic areas. This evaluation helps you prioritize your cleaning and maintenance efforts. At Get Floored, we suggest a professional inspection for the most accurate assessment.

Tailored Cleaning and Maintenance for Hard Surface Floors

Clean floors are essential for a welcoming holiday atmosphere. For hardwood floors, use a cleaner that’s specifically designed for wood. Be mindful of the humidity and avoid over-wetting the floors. Laminate floors require a soft mop and a mild cleaner, while tile floors, especially in areas like kitchens and bathrooms, may need more attention to keep grout lines clean and fresh.

Ongoing maintenance is key during the holiday season. Consider applying a new sealant to hardwood floors to protect them from holiday traffic and potential spills. Regularly inspect laminate and tile floors for damage, ensuring they stay in top condition for your holiday guests.

Festive Decorating While Protecting Your Floors

Decorating your floors for the holidays is as important as protecting them. Use holiday-themed rugs and mats to add a festive touch while safeguarding your floors from increased foot traffic. Choose options that are safe for your specific type of flooring and have non-slip backing for safety.

When rearranging furniture for holiday gatherings, use furniture pads to avoid scratches. If you’re setting up a Christmas tree, a protective mat underneath is essential to prevent water or sap damage to your floors.

Get Floored Services for the Ultimate Holiday Floor Prep

At Get Floored in Myrtle Beach, SC, we offer specialized services to get your floors ready for the holidays. Our team is well-versed in the latest cleaning and maintenance techniques, ensuring your floors look their best.

Considering a floor upgrade for the holiday season? We provide a wide range of flooring options that will not only enhance your home’s holiday charm but also stand up to the unique climate of Myrtle Beach.


Preparing your floors for the holiday season in Myrtle Beach involves a combination of careful maintenance, strategic cleaning, and festive decoration. At Get Floored, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve this perfect blend, ensuring your floors contribute to the holiday spirit of your home. Visit us for a consultation or to explore our extensive range of flooring services and products. Let’s make your holiday season both merry and bright, starting with your beautiful floors!